I own a ground floor apartment, within a large detached stone town house is located in the West End of Glasgow. I have a large South facing private garden.

Previously, I had a mature cottage style garden, crammed with lots of flowers and shrubs, housed within separate areas of the garden: dining area on an old reclaimed timber deck, sandstone patio and gravel paths inlaid with reclaimed railway sleepers. It evolved over the last 14 years.. good in the day, but it was starting to look very tired.

My needs had changed too as my children have all matured into adults, and I wanted to come home and relax after a busy day, rather than look around my garden and constantly see out of the corner of my eye, tasks that had to done.
My wish list included: a gas fire pit, soft lighting, a calm relaxed chill out area, a dining area, minimal planting, use good quality materials, a water feature, an area for the dogs to run around in, and most importantly an outdoor space, that I could enjoy 12 months of the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

The garden was excavated and the new levels were set: sunken patio, with gas fire pit and soft seating area, raised dining area, a two tier water feature, that could be seen from the kitchen window and also the chill out area.
Some small trees and planting from the original garden were planted around the lawn area.
The chill out area was surrounded on two sides by a new horizontal slatted fence, backed with slatted bamboo to act as a windbreak.

I added patio heaters and the gas fire pit, one click and we have instant heat.

I commissioned a specialist sail cloth manufacturer from Dorset to design an all weather sail, which was constructed from heavy duty waterproof fabric, edged with high strength wire encapsulated within sewn bindings and held in place with tensioned turnbuckle rigging screws, attached onto each of the hydraulic pressed steel eyes.

My new garden is the perfect space to relax and entertain whatever the weather.


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