We were asked by our clients to create a contemporary entertaining space in their large traditional garden in the Newton Mearns area of Glasgow. Their beautiful detached home had been upgraded to provide an extension to their kitchen and dining area, extended out of the back elevation of the house with full length sliding doors, looking onto the garden. A very creative couple, wished to add a stronger visual impact from their kitchen and dining area, using luxurious materials, with a focus on a stylish and contemporary design, that would look great during the day time and work equally well into the evenings too.

An integral part of the design, was the paving that the client had already earmarked as his preferred choice.

Using Avant Garde Quartzite Indian Sandstone paving, in a cool grey shade was the starting point for the garden design. Minimal planting that would provide all the year round interest and a lighting plan, that would accent the space and trees after nightfall. A large patio was constructed, on a raised platform surrounded by raised planters, that were smooth rendered in white. These wrapped around the seating area on two sides and created paved access paths that linked the garden to the gym and utility room.

The latest phase of the garden was completed a few months ago.

The brief was to build a bespoke gas fire pit, which we have vast experience in. We are also asked to give a makeover to a small fish pond located behind the dining area and construct a new fish pond. Once the space had been cleared of large conifers and an old brick boundary wall, it actually opened up a much larger space than we initially realised was there. We set about constructing a raised fish pond, with 3 stainless steel water blades fitted into a natural slate wall.

The pond liner was constructed using fibreglass and resin, a new process for us, which was very effective and ultimately much longer lasting than a standard rubber liner. We added submersible pond lights, led units to the water blades, and led strips under the edge of the fire pit. All of these work from a remote control.

The gas fire pit was constructed using natural slate walls and the cope was built using blue grey granite bullnoses. We built a separate housing for the LPG gas bottles and as changeover unit.
A waterproof stainless steel cover protects the fire pit, when its not in use. A show piece at the click of a switch, lovely to sit around at the end of a busy day. I would like to thank our clients for allowing us to be part of the journey in creating a beautiful space.


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