Our intention was to visually open up this space. The garden had some lovely specimens, such as acer palmatum blood good, and a vast array of conifers, but they had grown too big over the years, taking up most of the space in the garden. The natural light coming into the house was limited, with no view from the house apart from large conifers.

We replanted some of the bigger conifers close to the brick boundary wall, as there were some issues with the back garden being overlooked. Once we had done this, it became apparent that the garden had great potential. Our concept design would provide open calming space, large patio new steps and paths, some new smaller shrubs and colourful herbaceous planting, and most importantly of all, a large circular lawn, a space they could enjoy with their grand children.

The paving in the garden was past its best and very out dated, so all of this was cleared, leaving us with a blank canvas to plan out our shapes and commence the build. The paving was chose is sandblasted sandstone paving, picked mainly because of the warm pink hues, and the interesting colour variation running through each paver. The main features are two circular shaped patios, and a large circular lawn. We formed carefully positioned curved paths using cropped yellow granite setts. These shapes formed a strong focal path to link up the all of the areas to the conservatory running around the lawn, large patios, and the deep shrub beds. This garden was completed in December, so my client had to take my word, that she would have lots of surprises next spring and summer, as the herbaceous plants and grasses would start to break through the soil, and the garden would come alive. We installed stainless steel ground mounted lighting, to provide a wash of warmth around the deep borders.

Next we moved round to the front garden. We cleared a large shrub bed of all the unsightly shrubs, and created a rockery, adding beautiful stone with splashes of low evergreen shrubs, grasses and flowers offering seasonal colour and shape. The front steps were enhanced by using superior quality bullnose sandstone steps, a more fitting entrance to their beautiful home.

We are grateful to the clients for having the confidence to follow through with our vision.


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