This was a particularly delightful garden to design for Mike and Maria, who live in the Southside of Glasgow.

This south facing garden, was already a bright and colourful garden, but it needed work on many practical levels, serving Mike and Maria first as a relaxing space, for Mike, safer surfaces to walk on, whilst also proving visual impact to Maria’s clients who visited her daily for personal training sessions.

It was important for her and them to have an interesting ever-changing vista. Mike loves to have the independence to walk around his garden, but due to illness, which had affected his mobility, he had struggled with the steps from the kitchen, and also the surface of the winding path. Earth Angel Landscapes prepared the entire garden, saving all Maria’s beautiful trees, plants and shrubs and set out some new shapes for the path and extended the patio size, using yellow granite paving and setts, the surface of the paving and setts, is bush hammered, so is non slip.

We constructed new steps from the kitchen, much wider then before, and added a decorative handrail to aid Mike. We constructed a large stone water feature from slate and stainless steel, this draws your eye and entices you out. This distinctive water feature covers the right hand corner of the garden and merges into the surrounding plants.

The water feature has a fish pond below, and we ensured when building the pond, that it was high enough for Mike to be able to sit on and enjoy the views of the fish and the surrounding garden. Traditional Festoon lights hang from the mature tree. The stunning lighting add a wash of warmth to the lush bamboo, photinia, fatsia japonica, hydrangea annabelle, and weeping cherry tree.

To encourage the plants to merge slightly with the path, we added lots of herbaceous plants, that will keep the garden interesting throughout the seasons. plants such as salvia, penstemon, heuchera, verbena bonariensis and allium globemaster to name a few.


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