Our client Karen, an successful artist from Bishopbriggs had contacted Earth Angels Landscapes to come up with some creative ideas to give her garden a makeover.

Already a keen gardener, she had a wonderful eye for the texture and the shape and form of plants, and the shrub beds were already bustling with lots of colour, but the large lawn area in the centre of the garden took up so much space, which was largely unused. She was keen to use this lawn space to add some new features to the garden.

Our garden designs included a bespoke stainless steel barbecue, with a circular hardstanding, raised railway sleeper planters to wrap around the existing pergola, to provide some new scented planted areas, and to include herbs and herbaceous flowers.

New curved stone Tegula paths to link up the patio, pergola and the barbecue in the garden, and we included within the shrub beds a natural stone water feature, using a large piece of drilled firebird gneiss, this was supported by a stainless steel grill, and positioned on top of a water reservoir.

A powerful water pump supplied an adjustable stream of water through the drilled stone from the reservoir below. the sound of the cascading water added a sense of calm to this wonderful space. New plant species that Karen was not familiar with, were added in the already busy planting scheme, and some large stone features were positioned in open garden areas, with a spread of large plum slate chippings to soften the space.

The original patio around the back of the house was built by another contractor, and we were keen to tie in with this material to cut down on costs. The warm hues of a Marshall’s paving product Heritage Caulder Brown Paving was a starting point for us, and in selecting suitable materials suitable for us to use to enhance her garden.

Tegula setts in warm hues, we used for the curved path, a stone circle hardstanding using Heritage Caulder Brown was added for the barbecue area, and we added a mix of large boulders, type Firebird gneiss and golden quartzite paddle stones. The stainless steel barbecue was housed in reclaimed Manchester brick, which complimented the warm hues of the paving.


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